Dissemination and Awareness Raising Campaign

The objective of WP6 is to disseminate and exploit the knowledge and results gained within the project. In this context the major aim is to spread the project’s findings to the European public, helping to improve awareness of diabetes and obesity in the European working population.

The project addresses different stakeholder groups; hence dissemination measures are designed according to the information requirements of each of these groups:

1. Scientific community, including, but not limited to European Association for the Study of Diabetes, European Atherosclerosis Society, European Society of Cardiology;

2. Possible occupational catalysts groups: Healthcare practitioners, Health Insurances, Workers’ Unions, Employers’ associations (e.g., FedEE (Federation of European Employers));

3. General public / Patients: Especially patients with diabetes and their offspring, shift workers

(i) In addition, WP6 will consolidate and translate results from the other WPs into Europe-wide prevention campaigns.