Anual meeting 2013

14/15 October 2013
On October 14/15, 2013, the Annual Meeting of the EuRhythDia General Assembly was held in Hamburg. It was accompanied by a satellite meeting of the Scientific Core Group on October 15, 2013. The meeting was opened by an excellent presentation of Debra Skene, consortium member and expert in the field of circadian rhythm in humans. The following session on different high-throughput techniques ("-omics") and their possible implementation into the EuRhythDia project started a fruitful discussion amongst partners on further planning of the additional analyses on the samples collected during the intervention studies, which form the core of the EuRhythDia project. During the second day, the detailed performance of the intervention studies was the main topic, followed by a discussion on good ways of presenting the EuRhythDia project, its aims and results to the European public.

Anual meeting 2012

26/27 November 2012
The Annual Meeting of the EuRhythDia consortium took place on November 26/27, 2012 in Hamburg. It was preceded by a meeting of the Scientific Core Group on November 25, 2012. During the meeting, project results of the first project year were presented and intensively discussed by the consortium members. Special attention was paid to the details of the planned intervention studies, and agreement has been achieved on the further planning and sample collection of the various study parts. Main tasks and responsibilities for the next months were identified and agreed upon. The meeting was marked by an open and faithful atmosphere allowing excellent scientific discussion.

Anual meeting 2012

WCIR 2012

1-3 November 2012
10th World Congress on Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Los Angeles, California, USA

Peter Grant (Leeds) and Bart Staels (Lille), both members of the EuRhythDia Scientific Core Group, were chairmen of session IV of the 10th World Congress Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease held in November 2012 in Los Angeles, US ( The complete conference programme can be downloaded here:

European Sleep Research Society

4-8 September 2012
21st Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)
Paris, France

The European Sleep Research Society is the main organization for sleep researchers in Europe. The congress is arranged every two years, and the number of participants varies between 1200 – 2000 members and non-members. The congress is the most important forum for data presentation on different aspects of sleep research. It also serves as a platform for networking with other researchers and representatives of industry. For students it is an invaluable forum to receive information, be able to present own data and network with other students and researchers. Data presented in this meeting will get the largest possible attention among sleep researchers in Europe, and as such forms one of the important forms of dissemination of the EuRhytDia project.
Researchers from the EuRhythDia consortium participated in the ESRS congress in Paris as delegates presenting their data in poster form.


January 14, 2012
Annual Meeting of the Association of Sleep Medicine of Northern Germany (NVSM)
Hamburg, Germany

During the Annual Meeting of the Association of Sleep Medicine of Northern Germany (Norddeutsche Vereinigung für Schlafmedizin e.V.), several aspects of this interdisciplinary field of research have been presented. The EuRhythDia coordinator Professor Rainer H Böger took this chance to not only meet researchers of the field, but to introduce the EuRhythDia project to the community of sleep medicine and to make interested people aware of the link between the circadian rhythm and the development of Type II Diabetes, which will be investigated within the scope of EuRhythDia.

October 24-25, 2011
EuRhythDia kick-off Meeting
Hamburg, Germany

kickoff meeting